Amazing Joy



On the Third Sunday of Advent, a pink candle is lit to celebrate Joy, the Joy the shepherds were told had arrived, the Good News of Great Joy, the news of Christ’s birth, the Joy God brought into our lives!


Let’s see if we can do better than this!



Uh, maybe a little better than this.






That’s more like it!




Anyone born before the 1960’s will surely recognize their own Christmas Joy in the following pictures. If yours was not a joyful Christmas, I pray you will experience childlike Joy this Christmas.

the Happiness of Kids in the Christmas Morning (17).jpg


My sisters and I got cowboy … yes cowboy outfits one Christmas!


I don’t believe this cowboy and these indians will do each other harm. The Joy was in dressing up!

21fd74e1f4a0faa61916fb85d213178d--cowboys-and-indians-indian-girls (1)



I remember I got a really tall tricycle for Christmas while my sisters got smaller ones, as they were eighteen months younger than me. One of my sisters rode her tricycle until her knees were too high to peddle it anymore. Even then we have pictures of her riding her tricycle in high school in the driveway. She was smiling and full of precious childlike joy, even in her teen years.  :  )




How does this thing work?




Time for unwrapping presents … did you carefully peel the tape off to keep the wrapping in one piece? Or did you rip it apart in the excitement of it all?




Oops! Just a little too high to reach and the photo a little overexposed.  :  )




Doll babies, tinsel, Lincoln Logs, popcorn garlands, and Shiny Brite ornaments, are all a part of this precious little girl’s smile!




Many hours my sisters and I spent playing with wooden Tinker Toys! There were so many pieces, and you had to connect the straight sticks in the correct holes in the circular pieces. I am so glad we had wooden toys; the plastic ones today just don’t have the same texture and strength. The Delko Dumper was more aptly named than the Radio Flyers of my day! Mother Goose and her stories helped teach us so much!




Can you see yourself in this haircut? Her bangs were chopped really short in a straight line like this. The side curls were wrapped around her Mother’s finger while wet and allowed to stay there, one long curl hanging down. That was the style back then.




Our Santa laid out our gifts in a line just like this! We learned early on how to wash, wring out, and hang our clothes on a wooden dryer rack like the toy ones in this photo. Playing at working around the house was a pure joy! 


I am sure the television above was black and white and showed as its nightly sign off, the National Anthem followed by the test pattern with the picture of the Indian on it.

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The dearest sweetest reminder of the true meaning of Christmas is always the innocent, surprised, joyful, expectant, fearful, and sometimes sleepy faces of the children in Christmas Pageants all over the world. They reflect so many of the true emotions the people in and around Jesus’ birth experienced.

18th December 1954


Thank You Lord, for all the memories these photos brought back to me. May we all stop a minute to look back at all the Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, and Harmony we’ve found in Christmas’ Past. May we all find that special Joy this year, enough, more than enough to assure us that the Son of God came to the world for each and every one of us.

Luke 2:14 King James Version 

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!”


christmas tree_wordtree.jpg


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