Naughty, Nice … Whatever

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Naughty, nice … whatever I’ve been this year, I’ve done the best I could, and when I didn’t … I was oh so sorry.


I am like most people; I am basically good. I make mistakes, upset myself and others, and hopefully learn something from those experiences.


Whatever happens in the last few days of 2018 leading up to Christmas and New Years, my intent is to bring joy, love, laughter, and smiles to others, and in so doing, make my world brighter as well.


If things get messy and I fall into patterns of hurtful words or behavior, I ask You, Lord, to help me let it go … give up punishing myself over and over again … get on with living with the assurance that tomorrow I have the chance to start again.

34b0dec5019a010241ae1948ba1b1fcfI want to make an early promise to myself. In the New Year, I’ve had enough of putting myself down. I have had sixty-two years of that. I’m quite good at it. But in the years God continues to bless me with, I want to find the good, the happy, the joy inside me. Lord, I know You not only want Good for Your children, but You also want us to live in Joy and Peace. I thank you for Your many gifts and blessings.

Hand-lettering Christmas quote.


Children’s songs are not always silly. The two songs I have selected here are packed with messages that are found in Your Word, Lord. I have listened most carefully to them. I invite my readers to do so as well.


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