Thankful, Prayerful … Joyfully Yours

I gotta happy rhythm in my soul !

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I am excited, scared, anxious, expectant, and, yes ready, to take that step onto the plane for the first leg of my journey to Israel and Jordan. I leave family and friends with kisses and hugs and well wishes.

I am touring with a group that should take all the worry and stress out of traveling in a different country. So … I hope to breathe, eat, sleep, experience, pray, enjoy, and learn, in the comfort of knowing I am being cared for all along the way.


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I know this entire trip was motivated, supported, guided, and orchestrated by You, Dear Lord. It is not a place I would ever have thought I would travel. But, once the decision was made, I knew it was the right place and the right time for me. Be with me as I walk the paths that Abraham, Moses, King David, King Solomon, the disciples, Mary and Joseph, the Wise Men, the shepherds, and Jesus walked. Teach me, I want to learn. Show me, I want to understand. Lead me, I want to follow Your footsteps through time.

Thank You, Lord. May I sing praises to You in the Holy Land!  Amen


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