In Two Days …




In two days, I’ll be on a plane to Tel Aviv. I’ve packed and repacked. I’ve read and researched. I’ve written and pondered. I’ve studied and absorbed. I’ve viewed videos, read bible stories with new eyes, and am now ready to go forth on my pilgrimage.




I am a little scared, as I’ve not been to Europe since 1990. I will be on my own until I meet up with the group in Tel Aviv. My body’s inner clock will have had a work out, first the time change from Daylight Saving’s time this morning, to the seven hour time difference in Israel. But, in the past, in my younger days, I flew over the International Date line, on the way to China. I remember our plane traveled with the sun, quite an experience.




Dear Lord, prepare my heart, mind, and soul. I pray Your Word will come alive in front of my eyes. I ask for Your Truth to flow into me as I walk through the lands of my ancestors. I trust You will protect and guide me as I travel. I have faith that Your still small voice is leading me home.




I thank You for the means, opportunity, and freedom to travel so very far away. Your Love and Compassion sustain me. Your Mercy and Grace comfort me. Your Goodness overwhelms me. Your Magnificent Creation stops my wandering thoughts and fills my heart to overflowing. All Praise, Honor, and Glory are Yours … Now and Forever, Amen


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