Travel the King’s Highway

Through the highways and byways, my trip will start in Tel Aviv, or the White City, where over four thousand buildings were built in the 1930’s by German Jewish architects.




From there to Jaffa, an old port city in the southern part of Tel Aviv. 




Caesarea Maritima is next; an ancient harbor city built by Herod the Great.




Haifa is located on the slopes of Mount Carmel.




The Sea of Galilee is the second lowest body of water; the Dead Sea being the lowest. It is a freshwater lake, rather than a sea, and it’s source is the Jordan River.




From there we visit Akko, a place of pilgimage for the Bahá’í Faith; they believe in the unity and equality of all people and all religions. Akko is one of the oldest cities in the world. 




Of course we will visit Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, which is a Holy City to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 




We travel next to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, and then on to view the Dead Sea Scrolls.




On top of Masada, a plateau, is an important fortress that was high above any approaching enemy from all sides.




Next we view the Roman architecture of Jerash.




On to Petra via the King’s Highway, Petra is also called the ‘Rose City’, as its buildings are carved into the pink stone in that area.




Our last stop is Amman, the capital of Jordan.




The King’s Highway passes many ancient cities and historic biblical sites.



What was the King’s Road, or the King’s Highway?

An important trade route, approximately two hundred miles long, the King’s Highway connected Africa with Mesopotamia. Spices, frankincense, myrrh, and other precious commodities traversed this highway.

Many wars and hostile conflicts were waged over control of this highway.

Christian pilgrims find many places of interest along the way.

Just like mountain roads that seem to curve on and on and on, this highway appears very long; it also looks desolate with no sign of human habitation near.




Dear Lord, bless me with safe travel as I make this pilgrimage to the Holy Lands of Israel and Jordan. I pray the Bible will come alive for me by seeing the locations, reading and hearing about the history spanning thousands of years, and researching Your Word, Lord. Help me to be open to new ideas, new points of view, and new friends to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience!  Amen



Please click on the following. This was sung on location in Jerusalem, Israel.














































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