Dead Sea & Dead Sea Scrolls


Please have patience with this post. I am unable to write descriptions of the Dead Sea, or of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well, as I can share with you these videos. They are not very long and well worth taking time to view. I will add my thoughts at the end of the three videos.


The Dead Sea

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How the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and decoded.

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The comparison between the found scrolls and today’s Bible.

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To move this from a scientific process of description and interpretation, I would like to focus on the word dead.

Have you ever felt dead in body, mind, and spirit? I have. The Dead Sea is considered the lowest surface on Earth. I have been that low, that deep into depression, anger, and emotional pain. These episodes totally exhaust me mentally, physically, and spiritually. No one should have to witness this personal misery; and yet family members have watched and suffered with me, and because of me, making my personal hell even more terrifying.

The word dead is used to describe this sea, which is also referred to as a lake. Before I began this study, I had an uneasy feeling about a sea that was dead, having not one living thing within this body of water.

Yet, it was comforting to learn how rich the waters are in healing minerals; even the mud soothes skin conditions, muscle aches, and pains. The Dead Sea’s waters are buoyant, uplifting, supportive, and calming. Just being there, in and beside these waters rejuvenates; it is an area on Earth like no other, where one can care for the body, and provide time for the mind and soul to peacefully reflect. Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls in this place now makes perfect sense to me.

Dear Lord, may I find peace, comfort, solace, support, and a time for reflection as I visit the Dead Sea and view the Scrolls on display. May they lift my spirits and assure me that all is well with my soul. Amen


This man sings to my soul.

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