Jesus the Nazarene




Matthew 2:23 Easy-to-Read Version 

He went to a town called Nazareth and lived there. This gave full meaning to what God said through the prophets. God said the Messiah would be called a Nazarene.



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Jesus’ home, Nazareth, is located southwest of the Sea of Galilee. The land was good for farming; it was a small village, possibly no larger than ten acres; they used the land for their livestock, crops, and orchards. It is likely that Jesus’ parables were based on the way of living there in Nazareth. Those living there were strong people of little means, used to hard work. They numbered anywhere from 200 to 400 Jews who respected and honored their traditional culture; they celebrated Passover, didn’t work on the Sabbath, and practiced circumcision; most were related, so family was important in their lives.

The language spoken was Aramaic, and all Jewish men were taught early on to read and write, so that they could study the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures written on scrolls.

Because of their simple, humble lifestyle, the Nazarenes were despised and rejected for their lowly lives.


John 1:46 The Living Bible 

“Nazareth!” exclaimed Nathanael. “Can anything good come from there?”

“Just come and see for yourself,” Philip declared.

Isaiah 11:1 Easy-to-Read Version

The King of Peace Is Coming

A small tree will begin to grow from the stump of Jesse. That branch will grow from Jesse’s roots.

In the Hebrew language, netzer, is the word for branch, from which Nazareth’s name originates.

The village of Nazareth, the people there and their families, all came from the lineage of David. However, they, Jesus’ entire family, didn’t take it well when Jesus proclaimed himself to be the Messiah.


Luke 4:16-30 Easy-to-Read Version

Jesus Goes to His Hometown
Jesus traveled to Nazareth, the town where he grew up. On the Sabbath day he went to the synagogue as he always did. He stood up to read. The book of Isaiah the prophet was given to him. He opened the book and found the place where this is written:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me.
He has chosen me to tell good news to the poor.
He sent me to tell prisoners that they are free
and to tell the blind that they can see again.
He sent me to free those who have been treated badly
and to announce that the time has come for the Lord to show his kindness.”
Jesus closed the book, gave it back to the helper, and sat down. As everyone in the synagogue watched him closely, he began to speak to them. He said, “While you heard me reading these words just now, they were coming true!”

Everyone there said good things about Jesus. They were amazed to hear him speak such wonderful words. They said, “How is this possible? Isn’t he Joseph’s son?”

Jesus said to them, “I know you will tell me the old saying: ‘Doctor, heal yourself.’ You want to say, ‘We heard about the things you did in Capernaum. Do those same things here in your own hometown!’” Then he said, “The truth is, a prophet is not accepted in his own hometown.

“During the time of Elijah it did not rain in Israel for three and a half years. There was no food anywhere in the whole country. There were many widows in Israel during that time. But the fact is, Elijah was sent to none of those widows in Israel. He was sent only to a widow in Zarephath, a town in Sidon.

“And there were many people with leprosy living in Israel during the time of the prophet Elisha. But none of them were healed; the only one was Naaman. And he was from the country of Syria, not Israel.”

When the people in the synagogue heard this, they were very angry. They got up and forced Jesus to go out of town. Their town was built on a hill. They took Jesus to the edge of the hill to throw him off. But he walked through the middle of the crowd and went away.


Dear Lord, thank You for Your Son, Jesus’ life, ministry, and sacrifice. He lived so that He might understand our happy times, joys, sorrow, and pain. Jesus, lived among us, with us, for us; He loves me, this I know.

The following song is haunting, but it shows how much we all need Him every single moment … even, and most especially, the least of us. Amen


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Gaither Vocal Band – Come to Jesus 

Oh my baby when you’re older
Maybe then you’ll understand
You have angels to dance around your shoulders
Cos at times in life, you need a helping hand

Oh my baby when you’re praying
Leave your burden by My door
You have Jesus standing at your bedside
To keep you calm, keep you safe away from harm

Worry not my daughter
Worry not my son
Child, when life don’t seem worth living (no)
Come to Jesus and He will hold you in His arms

Oh my baby when you’re cryin’
Never hide your face from Me
Cos I have conquered hell, and driven out the demons
(yeah) I have come with the light to set you free, set you free

Ohhh worry not my daughter
Worry not my son
Child, when life don’t seem worth living (no)
Come to Jesus and He will hold you in His arms


Oh my baby when you’re dying
Leave a healing at His hand
Here in heaven, we will wait for your arrival
Here in heaven, you will finally understand
Here in heaven, we will wait for your arrival
Here in heaven, you will finally understand

Worry not my daughter
Worry not my son
Child, when life don’t seem worth living (no)
Come to Jesus and He will hold you in His arms











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