Am I Glad !!

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Am I glad …

the sky is blue and the grass is green.

teaching creative dramatics was not a job, but a passion.

the Andy Griffith Show and The Little Rascals were shows that influenced my youth.

the south is where I was born and where I have lived my life so far.

fried chicken, potato salad, and pimento cheese sandwiches all go together so very deliciously.

puppies have tails that wag when they’re happy.

digging in the dirt, sweating, and weeding can bring a beautiful garden to life.

Corn Flakes were invented.

since teaching was my profession, I’ve always had a whole summer off for vacation ever since I was born.

we bought a really nice bird feeder and I’ve learned about so many different varieties of birds I never knew lived right here with us in and around our yard.




Am I glad …

summer nights are filled with the sound of crickets and the flicker of lightning bugs.

children like me … I guess cause I’m a child at heart.

juggling is a skill I taught myself.

a love of reading, a love of reading out loud, developed into a love of writing.

the mid-fifties and early sixties provided the men and women from whom I learned good from bad and right from wrong.

Santa still knows where I live and often asks me to hop on the sleigh and help deliver the gifts.

lightning hasn’t struck me yet.

we had a pool across the street from us when my sisters and I were young.

granddaddy had a big garden and we learned to love all kinds of vegetables.

I know how to shell butter beans and peas.




Am I glad …

my third grade teacher, Mrs. Turner, taught me phonics, which made all the difference in my reading, writing, and spelling.

Mr. Infinger taught me trigonometry … he made the blackboard dance.

in seventh grade I started my love of plants by collecting different varieties of ferns and keeping them in a notebook for reference.

Mrs. Kirk, in fifth grade, loved to read aloud historical novels … I will always remember Captain John Smith establishing England’s first colony in America, the new world; I remember Pocahontas, too.

I cheated on Math in the second grade … we had just moved to a new big city from a small town … I didn’t know how to do the ‘new math’ … I looked at my desk mate’s paper and Mrs. Macauley caught me … she fixed me … she tutored me the following summer and fixed me for sure … from then on I was an excellent math student.

in the small town where I started school there were students that didn’t start school until the harvest was over … it made an impression on me.

that even though I lived right smack in the middle of integration … we had moved around so much … going to different schools … prejudice was something I never experienced.




Am I glad …

the news is not something I watch anymore.

China was a country I visited in nineteen eighty-two … though I was going to learn about the Chinese … they were studying me.

learning to drive for me happened in a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle … yes … of course it had a stick shift.

during recess at school we played jacks and tether ball.

riding a unicycle was something I learned to do the summer after sixth grade … my sister could ride the unicycle and bounce a ball along side of her as she rode … wowzer!

my sisters and I started singing onstage when they were five and I was seven … they were twins and I was eighteen months older.

they invented Oreos.

learning to type came easier to me than playing the piano … typing is more useful to me as a writer … playing the piano is something I do for my own enjoyment … well … our Westie, Clifford, loved to listen to me play … he’d look up at me and say, “Play that Jesus music, Mommy!”

I have a clothesline and hang my sheets out to dry and soak up the smell of sunshine.




Am I glad …

I took the time to think of so many things that make me glad … so many things for which I am thankful … so many things I have learned to appreciate more and more as the years pass by.

Dear Lord, You were with me all those years, providing the people, places, and things that became who I am today. I thank You, Father … am I glad I am Your child. Amen


Am I glad … I found this particular version of the song, I am so Glad that Jesus Loves Me. Growing up we always sang in the car, in at least three part harmony. Seeing this couple driving at night and hearing them sing made me smile and made my little girl heart beat a little faster. I was back with my parents and sisters in our car, probably coming home in the evening after visiting my Mama and Granddaddy. We sang and sang and sang.


Please click on this … you may have memories like this, too!


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