What’s not to like ?



Dear Lord, I want to list some things, places, smells, sounds, I have had the precious opportunity to experience in the fullness of life. I thank you continuously for the gift of life and good health.


dancing the jitterbug with my Mother on the kitchen floor

wet puppy kisses under my chin

smelling baby’s feet

ripe strawberries on pound cake

banana splits with wet nuts, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and extra cherries

sipping coffee and watching the world wake up

a good book, a comfy couch, and a rainy day

dancing to the oldies

champagne and chocolate

sheets hung on the clothesline … makes ’em smell like sunshine

red-painted toenails

an aspirin when I need it

long walks on the beach at the edge of the waves

finding the perfect seashell

the first green shoots coming up in a spring garden

the smell of rich dirt

overalls, or as my Granddaddy called them, overhauls






hot dogs with chili and slaw, fries, and a coke

that warm spot in the bed you can’t give up, as the alarm clock goes off

going barefoot

sunrise and sunset

harvest moons that look like giant jack ‘o lanterns

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

watching the Little Rascals for the millionth time

playing hymns on the piano when no one is in the house

dressing up for Halloween

chasing lightning bugs in June

birthday parties, birthday cake, and ice cream

watching fall leaves coming down like rain

chasing the fall leaves as they rain down and trying to catch them






marching bands and parades

popcorn and a coke, while watching the movie you’ve been dying to see

Daddies holding their babies dressed in white for their christening

Long outdoor showers with hot and cold water

walking hand in hand

Christmas Vacation, Spring Break, and Summer Vacation … the best time for students and teachers

the fragrance of honeysuckle blossoms on the vine

being tickled

getting a massage in scented rooms with soothing music

the sound of a cooling fan in summer

seersucker dresses and blouses in pastel shades

Almond Joy candy bars king size

eating watermelon and spitting the seeds out over the deck rail

shopping at Wal-Mart






holding a chipmunk in my hand while he eats seeds

playing Pickleball with my friends

swinging on our porch swing

working in my garden til I’m totally dirty and sweaty

seeing children skipping down the halls at school

talking with older people and listening to their stories

de-cluttering other people’s houses

taking out a hot fresh-baked chocolate pound cake and eating the first slice

shelling butter beans on the porch with my grandmother, mother, and sisters

standing under my granddaddy’s scuppernong grape-vine in September and squishing the juice into my mouth

writing, writing, writing

collecting seashells as I walk along the strand

hearing crickets, cicadas, katydids, owls, and other night birds on summer nights

floating on my back in a swimming pool … feeling weightless

singing with my sisters around the piano, or singing along while we play the guitar

campfires, snapping twigs, embers shooting skyward, roasting marshmallows

the sound of rain on a tent

just getting into bed on Christmas Eve

just getting up on Christmas Morning






afternoon naps

losing a few pounds

catching snowflakes on my tongue

the sound of an ice cream truck

Easter baskets filled with freshly dyed Easter eggs

getting an A+ on a test

having one of my students get an A+ on a test

teaching juggling using scarves, bean bag balls, and rings

The Gaither Vocal Band

Google Search Engine

Thanksgiving cornbread dressing and pecan pie

riding my bicycle slowly and enjoying the view

homemade ice cream my mother made and my daddy churned



ca44625c0f5e4e443f3e8485fd455468 (1).png



the slam of a screen door

butterflies fluttering around my Lantana shrubs

laughing until you drop to your knees and your stomach hurts

crying at a movie



the smell of freshly cut grass

hot chocolate with marshmallows

watching snow fill up the yellow mixing bowl so we can make snow cream

the smell of fall leaves piled up on the ground

playing kickball when we lived on Dunaway Court

sitting under an umbrella on the beach with dark sunglasses and watching the people

talking with a child about … oh anything

a good report from the dentist

pulling weeds … yep … I love it

traveling to the lower part of the state where my parents were born … my roots run deep there

rutted roads you can’t see the end of …

reading aloud to anyone who’ll listen

Kiddie Literature … especially those books from the seventies and early eighties

covered dish lunches or suppers






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