We’re Working on a Building !


We are adding an additional bedroom to our home; we are also remodeling the downstairs bathroom. During construction our internet may be disrupted for a period of time.

If you do not get posts from me for a while, it’s because of progress.  :  )  

If there are no problems with the internet, then I’ll continue to post about our progress.  :  )  

Thank You Lord, for the means to do this, and the expertise in our immediate family who have outstanding, top-notch, A+ professional know-how !!!




Proverbs 24:3 Easy-to-Read Version
Good homes are built on wisdom and understanding.




Isaiah 32:18 International Children’s Bible
My people will live in peaceful places.
They will have safe homes.
They will live in calm places of rest.




Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design. Stephen Gardiner




Today the deck in the back of our hundred year old home was torn down in record time. Once the twenty year old deck was removed, the original unpainted stone foundation was revealed. I had to touch it; for over a hundred years these stones have held up this home through storms without and within. Now visible was the concrete stoop upon which the old back stairs rested. Many trips have been made this past century up and down stairs leading to the back door of this old home. Emotions heavy, light, downcast, and sunny were all transported here.

Gone is the deck where I listened to early morning birdsong. Gone is the deck where many a morning I watched the sun rise. I will find another favorite perch in and around the homeplace. For now, the bird feeder will be moved to the front yard; a promising new spot for peace, tranquility, birdsong, and watching the sun slip silently into twilight.


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