Liquid Sunshine


Hebrews 6:7 International Children’s Bible 

Some people are like land that gets plenty of rain. The land produces a good crop for those who work it, and it receives God’s blessings.


Isaiah 45:8 God’s Word Translation 

Rain down from above, you heavens,
and pour down righteousness, you skies.
Let the earth open.
Let salvation and righteousness sprout.
Let them spring up.
I, the Lord, have created them.



Rain …


Rain …


and More Rain …

giphy (1)_1.gif

The gentleman above makes quite a statement about the abundance of rain; if it is pouring down rain like it has been here, an umbrella does about as much good holding it to the side of you as it does over you!

My mother used to call rain, ‘liquid sunshine’, a positive way to describe the daily downpours we’ve been experiencing. In summers of my youth we had thunderstorms promptly at four in the afternoon. Shortly thereafter the sun would come out and all would be right in our little world.

This summer is reminiscent of those summers with one exception; the rain began in June and hasn’t stopped; it is now August.

My yard is my earthen canvas, and I join You, Dear Lord, in our joint landscaping projects. Rain is vital to proper health of my plants. Our state has experienced drought conditions summer, fall, winter, and spring, for many years now. I never want to be ungrateful, Father, for rainfall, either a gray drizzle, garden shower, or drenching downpour. It’s just that too much rain can wreak havoc in the garden. As You know, a balance of rain and sun makes for plants that grow heartily and happily.

A balance of rain and sun helps to stabilize mood swings in some individuals; lows during the gray skies of rain, snow, or sleet, can produce feelings of depression; while bright sunny days can blessedly lift one’s spirits.

I found the following story/song about Winnie the Pooh and Piglet in a heavy downpour. It made me smile.

I thank You, Lord, for Your Creative Genius; every detail of Your Magnificent Creation was designed meticulously; You poured down Your love; may I receive all the many gifts and blessings surrounding me with a humble and grateful heart. Amen


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