Sorting it All Out …


We live in a hundred year old house; we have only one closet; I have told the story of the closet tax. I had heard that closets were taxed as rooms; not wanting more taxes, closets were not built. This is a myth and one that sadly I have repeated. It made sense to me! But, no, I have since learned our ancestors didn’t have many clothes, hence no reason for a tiny room, a closet, just for clothes.

They used chifferobes and armoires, furniture with a chest of drawers on one side and a long space for hanging clothes on the other side. It is a good arrangement; it works; we have several. Also, we use all available drawer space for folded clothes; all other items that might go in a closet must also fit in a drawer.

Because we only have one closet and packed drawers, several times a year I go through the closet and every drawer. I have one rule; if the item hasn’t been used in a year it goes to GoodWill if it is useable, and out to the trash if not. 




My rule works well; the only problem is whatever I bring in new, another item is surely tagged ‘to-go’.




So, there is constant stacking and re-folding and evaluating and sorting and lots of letting go. I’ve become better at letting go since I was responsible for clearing out my parents’ home after they both passed. I learned that those surviving relations have their own treasures and little room for more treasures to store, even if tears are shed.




Cheryl Richardson, in writing the following, reflected Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, then go and sell all the things you own. Give the money to the poor. If you do this, you will have a treasure in heaven. Then come and follow me!”

But are we capable of perfection? I’m not! Romans 3:10 says, There is no one doing what is right, not even one. 

So the best I can do is to sort through what I have, give what I can away, keep only what I need, and let go of the rest.



It always comes down to effort, the willingness to work. If I want to be clean it takes work. If I want my home and life sorted out, it takes work. If I want to let go of that which I don’t need, and only holds me back, it takes work. Lord, bless me in my efforts.  Amen





Psalm 90:17 Easy-to-Read Version 
Lord, our God, be kind to us.
Make everything we do successful.
Yes, make it all successful.




No that’s not the size of my one closet. I covet walk-in closets. Father, forgive me for wanting what I don’t have. Help me to be grateful for all the cleaning and sorting and letting go I do regularly.   :  )



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