Farm Re-fresh


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We went to the farm; bounding down the rutted road came the canine welcome waggin’. I use to be afraid of these ‘puppies’ as my sister used to call them; so big and overwhelming to me, until I finally got it … they are just overgrown puppies overjoyed by new people and faces to lick and love. Thanks for being so excited to see me, yall; you make me feel glad all over.




By the barn waiting for their sweet-smelling mixture of oats, corn, and molasses, are the three horses whose lives are blessed within a pasture they can freely graze.  I haven’t spent much time over there near the fence where they join the puppies in greeting new folk, but I enjoy their presence, quiet, massive, strong, yet shy and timid. Beauty in motion, they stand majestically, taking notice of me.




The home place sits encircled by a lake shawl, curled around her shoulders. Trees grace the property in stately grandeur. A swing on the front porch beckons. This home has been lovingly cared for; children reared and animals raised side by side; adventures awaitin’ all who care to wander down the path, stroll by the lake, or just sit watchin’ and waitin’ for fish to jump.




Looking down from the kitchen window two adirondack chairs sit silently. Well-worn sandy spots tell where feet have rested, listening to long talks or companionable silence.




Day’s done and night sneaks upon thoughts of time as it slips into peace. Crickets, cicadas, katydids, and the occasional bird signal twilight’s sleepy call.

Dear Lord, all is well; all is at rest; all are safe within Your loving embrace.  Amen





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