Dog tired …



I’m retired; I’m dog tired; what’s wrong with this picture? I feel like the puppy above; my days are full of play and fun; eat when I want to, sleep when I want to, play the piano when I want to, read when I want to, write when I want to, garden when I want to, cook when I want to … scratch that … I have almost given up cooking … I don’t know why … just seems like I’ve been there and done that!

Could it be I’m tired of having so much fun? Doesn’t make sense does it? I look back on my teaching career; I worked, read, wrote, ate, slept, cooked, worked in my garden til twilight, yet I wasn’t as tired as I am now!

I did have structure, a routine, a schedule, deadlines, lesson plans to be followed, meals to be prepared, groceries to buy, doctor and dentist appointments to make and attend, all done by month, by week, even sometimes within one day! It was enough to make me really tired, and I was, but I had reasons.

No, I am not anxious to go back to structure, routines, and schedules; time to call my own is precious and blesses me greatly; good health another blessing in retirement, no complaints should I have.




I’m still tired; maybe a change of scenery would do me good; much of my research finds me looking at beach scenes; a five-hour trip to the Grand Strand, sun, sand, salt breezes, may be what is needed to perk up this tired pup … uh, old dog … can’t claim my puppy days anymore.

Thankfulness for what I’m able to do, accomplish, within my own timeframe is needed. Dear Lord, Father, Papa, You’ve blessed me beyond measure. Complaints should never enter my mind. Forgive me. Help me to look at the abundant GOOD in my life. May I find refreshment, relaxation, and renewal within every moment. It’s there.  Hallelujah Amen !!



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