I had to share …

Have you ever seen or heard some one or some group do things you would do if you ever had the opportunity?

This video is my idea of complete and utter joy.

I know there are some motions that would never have been acceptable to perform anywhere in public.

But, we have become desensitized.

I want to share the joy I feel when I watch these young people dancing, smiling, singing, sharing their talents openly with no expectation of anything but passing along their joy of the moment.

My Lord enjoys seeing his children play. These young people are playing together individually and in sync with one another. They are dancing with complete abandon. As I watch I feel the freedom of their expression; I smile widely; I am thankful to see and hear this moment in time; I hope you enjoy this moment.


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Now here is a mob I could keep up with. They are having a good time and their joy encourages anyone of any age to live out loud.

Dear Lord, if I ever have an opportunity to participate in one of these happenings, You know I’ll be right in there loving life, smiling, laughing, for the pure fun of it.

And the entire mob said … Amen


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