Sun, Sand, and Stars







I need a rest; sand, sun, stars, all fill me with waves of wonder and delight.




You are the Master Creator, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. My mind is not capable of understanding even the smallest detail of Your Magnificent Design, but my thoughts, feelings, words, and emotions are inspired by Your omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.




Dear Lord, eternity, infinity, life-everlasting, are concepts too vast. Living in each moment, being present for those around me, listening, hearing, seeing, touching, loving, is enough of a challenge. Help me live fully present; help guide my thoughts and actions; walk with me.


Awesome love quotes about stars in the sky Love this Bible verse " God is more glorious than the moon he


God, what could be more glorious than Your Creation, the Earthly realm in which I live; I can only imagine. Surrounded by beauty, enveloped in tangible delights; my cup overflows. You shower Your Goodness lovingly. Your gifts are there for the taking. Your request is to be in relationship with me, one of Your children. I am blessed beyond measure that You are mindful of me.





I’ve never doubted Your love. I’ve felt unworthy, unlovable, undone. I’ve been ashamed, embarrassed, guilty. But I’ve never felt condemned.

You are love; You are forgiveness; You are good.




Soon I hope to travel to the sea; walk on the sand; gaze at the stars. I will find peace, joy, beauty. I will rest. I will listen for Your whisper in the sea breezes.  Amen






We are the Stars, We are the Sand

The Gaither Vocal Band

You took an old man walkin’ by the sea,

Waves and sand as far as he could see,

Now count the grains of sand, that stretch across the land,

Trust me now, so shall your seed be.

When evening fell you showed another sight,

The wide black velvet canopy of night,

Now number all the stars, as countless as they are,

Your children shall outnumber all these lights.

We are the stars, we are the sand,

We are the promise that you made to Abraham.

We are the seed, the white-robed throng,

We are the children you had promised for so long.

We are the sands, we are the stars,

And one day you will hold the old man tight,

And show him a parade all clothed in white,

He’ll ask you who they are, These lines that stretch so far,

This crowd so vast they’re like a cloud of light.

And you will say, “The word I spoke was true,

These are the countless heirs I promised you.

I am the great I AM, I sent the perfect lamb,

Refined by fire, my grace has brought them through.

Sands that bear your footprint and glisten like the sun,

We declare your faithfulness, the wonders you have done.

Stars that pierce the darkness and fill the endless sky,

We proclaim to keep your word, your children testify.









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