Lord, You know how much I enjoy our time together as I write. Help me to meditate on Your Word MORE and on my thoughts LESS.




Talkative is the word written on all my report cards in grade school. That word is still accurate; I am verbose, wordy, garrulous, diffuse, flowery, gabby, grandiloquent, loquacious, repetitive, and tedious, when I speak and when I write.




Writing centers me; researching Your Word, Lord, inspires me; thanking You humbles me; praising [You] … puts [me] … in the correct perspective.




Lord, Heavenly Father, come into my heart, mind, and soul; fill me with thoughts and words pleasing to you.




My time with You, Dear Lord, is precious. I do confess I spend a lot of time thinking about what I will write. Help me to be still and listen for Your words, Your voice, Your truth.




Heavenly Father, Daddy, Papa, I love being Your child. I thank You for adopting me. I can tell I was chosen not for my sweetness, oh no, not for my temperament, oh no, not for my inherent goodness, oh no, but because I was flawed, broken, and in need of Your direction. You made me who I am today from who I was yesterday. I am so blessed.  Amen







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