Safe and Free to be Me




I’ve not lived an easy life, has anyone? Blessed beyond measure I should have had no troubles. But an imbalance in my chemistry intensified my already strong-willed nature. It took years to identify the problem, get the right help, balance new chemicals in my body, fine-tuning them for my own specific needs, and seeking professional guidance that helped me progress towards health … not linger in the past. It took strength I didn’t possess in the midst of my troubled mind. Lost, lonely, and blaming myself and others for my sorrows, I wallowed in shame and self-loathing. Not a good place to be.

God, Dear Lord, Father, You must have shed so many tears over my plight. You had other plans for me. I was incapable of following anyone or anything at that time. You waited patiently, providing the help I would accept, and offering more as time went on. The only comfort I found was in the darkness of my soul; there You met me, wrapped Your loving arms around me, and rocked me like a mother soothing her fitful child.

Calmed and quieted You whispered in Your still small voice, promises only my heart could hear.

Thank You, Father, for loving me when I couldn’t even love myself, and was convinced no one else could love me either. You were a safe place for me to hide, until I had the courage to take those first steps that led me down the paths You had prepared especially for me.  Amen


Psalm 62:8 Easy-to-Read Version
People, always put your trust in God!
Tell him all your problems.
God is our place of safety.



Psalm 9:9-10 Easy-to-Read Version
Many people are suffering—
crushed by the weight of their troubles.
But the Lord is a refuge for them,
a safe place they can run to.
Lord, those who know your name
come to you for protection.
And when they come,
you do not leave them without help.


Psalm 59:16 Easy-to-Read Version 
But I will sing about your strength.
I will rejoice in your love every morning.
You have been my place of safety,
the place I can run to when troubles come.
















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