Tomorrow is my birthday. I have always looked forward to chocolate cake each year. My favorite is chocolate pound cake. Mother made it like no one else. It had what we called the ‘goodie’, the mushy part that is warm and gooey and happens only when a cake falls. Mother consistently baked fallen cakes every year. It wasn’t on purpose, she tried to make it right, but that’s why we loved those cakes … they were mistakes.

Is that why you love us so much, Dear Lord? Are we special because we’re flawed? Are our imperfections what make us unique? While You try to help us become our best selves I can’t help but think You enjoy loving us just as we are, just the way You made us. I think over the years I’ve provided You with quite a few chuckles and an occasional giggle or two.

Thank You, Father, for the years You have granted me so far. I can say while there have been many struggles, heartaches, and tears, there have been so many great times, fun, laughter, and precious people in my life I have loved with all my heart. Bless me with many more candles on those fallen chocolate pound cakes. Amen


Were I the Perfect Child of God
Author: John L. Bell,  1949

Were I the perfect child of God
Whose faith was deep and love was broad,
Not doubtful, guilty, worn or flawed,
I’d gladly follow Jesus.
But I’m the child of what I’ve been
Estranged by much I’ve done and seen,
Afraid to show the love I mean,
Unfit to follow Jesus

Yet God, who knows me first and last,
Who’s seen my best, my worst, my past,
Has shown his love intense and vast
By meeting me in Jesus.
For Christ, though killed at Calvary
By sins like mine and folk like me
Has risen, forgiven and set me free,
Made fit to follow Jesus.

Then sprinkle water on my brow
As, in this place, I make my vow
To own and love my saviour now
And give myself to Jesus.
God grant me what I still require
That I, in others, might inspire
The hidden hope, the deep desire
To love and follow Jesus.





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