Faith of Our Fathers



A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. ~Author Unknown



My Daddy was a self-made man. He started off with not very much and took care of what he had. He left this world providing his wife and girls continued protection and care. I don’t remember having a very close relationship with him. Back in those days children were expected to do as they were told and to keep their opinions to themselves. Which I tried to do; however, I managed to irritate and aggravate my parents with what I said and did. It was not intentional; I was and always have been their strong-willed ‘wild child’.

I thank You, Daddy, for what you did and how you tried to do for me. I was not always grateful; I was frequently insufferable; but I loved you dearly and miss you so very much. I know you continue to watch over me. I hope you’re proud.


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