Drifting Whispers



Drifting whispers,

flakes floating on air,

drops dancing unchoreographed,

not planned, or directed, snowflakes fall;

hushed, the silent snow drowns out the world;

cold cleanses the atmosphere;

delicate formations, all unique in size and form,

scour thick masses of pollutants,

leaving frozen freshness.

by Jan



A Child’s Prayer I have forever loved.


Thank You for the World so Sweet
Author: E. Rutter Leatham

Thank you for the world so sweet;
Thank you for the food we eat;
Thank you for the birds that sing;
Thank you, God, for everything.




Silence is more musical than any song.  ~Christina Rossetti



Snowflakes are kisses from heaven.   unknown


With every falling flake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven.  P. Miller


Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.  Henry David Thoreau


snow happy









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