Anticipation …



Christmas Brings Joy to Every Heart

Words: Bernhardt Ingemann, 1840

Music: Christoph Weyse, 1841


Christmas brings joy to every heart,
Sets old and young rejoicing,
What angels sang once to all on earth,
Oh, hear the children voicing.
Bright is the tree with lights aglow,
Like birds that perch together,
The child that holdeth Christmas dear
Shall keep these joys forever.


I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than decorating for Christmas. From cedar trees, to fir trees, to holly trees, to ladder trees, to lampshade trees, we’ve had them all. The ladder and lampshade trees I made. Out of an old green wooden ladder, I added twigs, lights, ornaments, and lots of love; lampshades denuded of their shades, taken down to the metal alone, were graced with lights, and a collection of chandelier crystals in all colors. The rest of the house is graced with ribbons, large Wise Men figurines on the mantel, and two china cabinets displaying my collection of Nativity scenes that remain there all year. 

I also take on the mantle of Saint Nick as I seek to find just the right gifts and surprises for my loved ones; I also make sure their stockings are filled with sugar plums and chocolate covered cherries! Every Christmas Eve I call … uh … Santa calls … all the good adult girls and boys and ask them what they are hoping to find the next morning under the Christmas Tree. It brings out precious responses from the child within each adult I call.


Joy comes to the all the world today,
To halls and cottage hasting,
Come, sparrow and dove, from roof tree tall,
And share our Christmas feasting.
Dance, little child, on mother’s knee,
The lovely day is dawning,
The road to paradise is found
The blessèd Christmas morning.


Joy has not always accompanied the reality of Christmas Morning for me. Disappointment, abandonment, anger, fear, sadness, and yes tears have flowed unheeded from my eyes. Dear Lord, as I think about it, You surely have had these same feelings as You sent Your only Son, Jesus, to Earth, knowing what He would have to endure to fulfill His life’s purpose of bringing hope, peace, comfort, and joy to your Earthly Children who so desperately needed a Way-Shower. Bless You, and thank You for Your sacrifice and for the painful sacrifice of Your only Son, Jesus Christ.


Once to this earth our Savior came,
An infant poor and lowly,
To open for us those gardens fair
Where dwell His angels holy.
Christmas joy He bringeth us,
The Christ child King of heaven,
“To every little child,” He saith,
“Shall angel wings be given.”


My Dear Heavenly Father,

Angel wings I pray are gracing my Grandmother, Mother, Daddy, and sister Anne who have recently passed into Your Heavenly Kingdom. I pray, too, that I may join them when it is my time, and fly with my own angel wings alongside my dear departed ones.


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