My Pot’s Boiling Over and My Fryn’ Pan’s Burnt … Edie


I had a bad headache and I think I wuz gettin’ a cold. I didn’t feel well at all, but I knew I had to fix supper as soon as I got home. Thuh boys would be hungry. Pearl and Will wouldn’t be home til later. I tried to think of something easy tuh fix. I think I started across the street after lookin’ both ways, but I can’t be sure. My head hurt so bad and my joints were feeling achy. I heard the scream of tires and adults and thuh next thing I heard wuz my own cries of pain. Pinned, I lay face down in the dirt road, my body felt the life being squeezed outta me; I couldn’t breathe; no strength could fight against whatever wuz pressing me down; I must have passed out, or passed onto the other side; all I remember seeing next, a face of an angel in white wiping my head with a cool rag. She must have known how bad my head was hurtin’; wonder how she knew that? Next I felt nothing from my chest down; just a pressing feeling that I remembered before; only this time the air wuz comin’ in and outta me. This angel smiled and asked me something I didn’t understand; she came closer and this time I heard her ask if I’d take some sips of soup for her. Wuz it suppertime? I didn’t fix supper; whut will those boys eat? I can’t eat anythin’ unless I know they got somethin’ in their stomachs. I shook my head, but she moved that spoon close to my mouth; it did smell good; I didn’t want her to think badly of me, so I tried to sip. It wuz warm and tasted like my chicken n’ dumplin’s without the chicken or the dumplin’s. I liked it; maybe I’ll make this for supper tomorrow, I thought. Then there Pearl sat on thuh other side of me; Will stood beside her; they looked like they’d been cryin’. I didn’t think they were in heaven, too. But, maybe we were all there. They must have been sad to leave thuh boys and Diane behind; they did look happy to see me; so I wuz glad we were there together, the three of us in heaven. That’s when this man came near me; he, too looked like he had been cryin’ and he wuz so sad. He probably just got here and wanted to go back. He had a box of chocolate candy he pushed my way. He gave this big bunch of pretty flowers to Pearl. She wiped her eyes; Will put his arm out and shook this man’s hand. I really didn’t feel good. That nice angel in white told Pearl and Will and that man to leave, that I needed to rest. Pearl leaned over and kissed my cheek, Will helped Pearl stand and they all left me. The angel put that cool rag on my head again and I don’t remember anythin’ else for a long time it seemed. I opened my eyes and it seemed dark. I never did like a real dark room. I started to cry. The angel came back and brought light with her. She pat-patted me and tried to get me to calm down. I finally asked why everyone had gone; what wuz holdin’ me down; why couldn’t I leave and go with Pearl and Will?  She leaned in and began to tell me a story I could hardly believe. The angel said I had been run over by a Model T. Now, that didn’t mean too much to me. I asked her why I felt like I coudn’t move. The angel told me the Model T wuz one of those new things that people rode in to get from place to place. I brightened up as I remembered seeing those in town. “The nice man who brought you candy is very upset; he ran over you; it was an accident; you were crossing the street, he said, and he couldn’t stop in time.” “Where did I get hurt?” I wondered. I must have said that out loud, as the angel went on with her story. “You were knocked down and the wheel and the tire ran right down the middle of your back, Edie.” “Is that why I’m in heaven and you’re my angel?” “No, Edie, you’re not in heaven, you’re in the hospital.” “Am I gonna die and go to heaven?” “We all will, Sweetie, just not today.” “Why can’t I move?” “The doctors want you to be real still, so they’ve bandaged you up tight so you’ll be safe and your back can heal.” “Am I wrapped in swaddlin’ clothes like the baby Jesus?” I asked, delighted at the thought. “Well, Edie, it is like that. You’re a smart girl to think of that.” I smiled. I must have closed my eyes, then, cause when I opened them again it was daytime and light poured in through a window in the room. I stayed three weeks in the hospital. My angel nurse told me other stories about her own little girl. She told me stories from the Bible that I knew, but loved hearing again. The man with the candy brought me other presents; he always looked so scared around me; I hoped he would be happy someday. I found out later that he had paid for my care in the hospital and made sure I had everything needed to get well, that my health wuz priceless to him. I did. I got well. I walked funny for a little while, but I guess my body sort of righted itself. Pearl and Will prayed and thanked God that their Edie was all better. I finally went home; I didn’t have to go to the Mill for some time; I didn’t have to cook supper either; I felt like a queen for a while; I knew it wouldn’t last long; but I shore did enjoy the rest!



Psalm 34:2   The Living Bible 
I will boast of all his kindness to me. Let all who are discouraged take heart.





















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