My Pot’s Boilin’ Over and My Fryn’ Pan’s Burnt … Lysander



Don’t remember much about muh Momma, cept seein’ her leavin’ us agin and agin. At all hours of thuh night she’d take off ‘n be gone for days at uh time. I didn’t unnerstand just whut she did; somethin’ about babies and Mamas and neither one of ’em waitin’ til decent times to need muh Momma. She said it wuz critical for some ladies; a matter of life or death that she be with ’em. Whut about our lives; our dead?

Muh Pa got mad ev’ry time she left. He’d cuss, she’d fuss, I’d be cry’n under the porch whar they couldn’t hear me. Muh other brothers were all grown and gone. It wuz just me there seein’ whut all this mid-wifin’ did tuh muh Pa. Momma said she was servin’ ladies in their time of need.

All Pa and me wanted wuz for her to serve us; we needed meals and clean clothes and beds made and socks darned and cows milked and eggs gathered and hens plucked, fried hot and juicy, and squirrels, we shot, dressed and put into the stew pot.

Pa told her if’n those wimin needed her that much, then she could just go live with ’em. I stood aside him as he slammed thuh door, and I seen her for the last time. Whut good er wimin nohow.

We got on fine an’ by now I could cook up a meal good ’nuff tuh eat. I’d gather a mess of greens, and some beans I’d shelled, a side of strick-uh-lean, bake a pan of cornbread, and we ate like kings. But I did miss not seeing muh Momma; wonder whut came of her?



Luke 6:37-38  God’s Word Translation 

“Stop judging, and you will never be judged. Stop condemning, and you will never be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and you will receive. A large quantity, pressed together, shaken down, and running over will be put into your pocket. The standards you use for others will be applied to you.”








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