Can’t explain but it just isn’t right for me



I recently bought a wicker set of furniture, a sofa and a glider; it is in our den and looks fabulous; the problem is … it is just not comfortable to me. Yes, it’s comfortable to sit in … but not to slouch and relax and free to be me in my pj’s and look my worst and nobody care. I need a room like that; I don’t need pretty furniture that is too nice to sit in my underwear. Did she just say that? Yes, and you ALL know what I am talking about. Why did I buy it? It was PRETTY! I thought I wanted PRETTY. Now I know pretty is not what I need or want.

Ashley-judd-Cartoon-5 (1)

I want this.


Well, a little prettier than that … but … you get the idea. We love sitting in our den sharing a series on our Amazon Fire channel. We talk about the characters as if we know them personally. They make us so mad at some of the things they do; they make us laugh and giggle with other things they do or say. It is fun to watch and laugh with my husband, my best friend.

But the room now is super pretty and I even bought covers to make sure nothing gets spilled or dirties up anything on the upholstery. What a bummer to not be able to enjoy our room anymore. It is depressing. Surely someone out there would love to have this set.


Yep, what am I thinking? There is not a single solitary thing wrong with this furniture. It is perfect for this room. Perfect for everyone but me! Why can’t you return furniture with the receipt like you do clothes? I don’t see the difference. With clothes, you actually put the item next to your skin … up close and personal. Furniture is something you have clothes on to use. I am in a dilemma, as you can plainly see.

Adding to that melee, a much confusing struggle, I found the perfect leather sofa, rocker/recliner set. It is not pretty; but it is not NOT pretty. It is handsome and comfy like leaning against your sweetie with your head leaning against his chest and hearing his heartbeat and being wrapped in his warm loving arms … that kinda comfy.

giphy (4)

But alas, that warmth, that comfort, that blissful feeling that comes from knowing you can totally be yourself with someone … or that you can totally be yourself in a certain place created just for you … is not to be … not now … until I sell the first set of furniture.

Why? This set was pretty and pretty expensive. I have too much invested to just give it away or call GoodWill. What a sadness, what a shame; I didn’t get what I wanted and I’ve only myself to blame !!


B U T    N O W 




Addendum: Joy, rapture, I found what I really wanted. In a Pre-Labor Day Sale, I found the perfect comfy yet pretty den combo. I am relieved and now if I can just sell the wicker set all will be right with my world again.





Dear Lord, this is a silly thing to be thankful for … but I am. You want good gifts for Your children. This is a good gift to myself. With the provisions You have so graciously given me, I was able to purchase another set of furniture that better suits our needs and desires. I know as a Heavenly Father You desire creature comforts for Your children. I thank you humbly for the life I have been granted and the funds to provide my needs and so many of my wants. I am truly blessed and I know it !! Please forgive the triviality of my thankfulness, but, I do know how truly blessed I am. Thank You for the life I have and am living. I have done nothing to earn or deserve such riches. Ok, yes, I have worked hard for others all my life and now am retired to work at projects of my own. But You gave me the abilities to earn a living teaching and sharing life skills with students for thirty-seven years. In that time, I learned so much more than my students. So, again, I was doubly blessed. You are a GOOD GOOD Father, and I’m LOVED by YOU.  Amen





You’re a Good Good Father, written by Pat Barrett and performed by Chris Tomlin.






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