We’ve been invaded!

up and down,

in and out,

over and under,

where did they all come from

how did they decide

to gather here

what is the attraction

what is the rush

the heat is intense

the tempo too fast

no warning

no signal

no reasons to explain

their motions harmonize

a cacophony

of sounds


the movements

flying, flitting,

rolling, romping,

diving, dipping,

skipping, slinking,

hopping, hurling,

tumbling, tussling,

is there a problem

is there a celebration

when will it end … who knows how it started?

Don’t be squirrely

just be still!





Just be still … even in the heat wave we’re experiencing in the South, I don’t seem to let myself stop. Last week I worked much too hard and much too long in the heat of my garden. It’s the hottest weather we’ve had so far this summer and I’m in long jeans, long-sleeved shirt, garden gloves, and rubber garden boots. What is wrong with this picture? Me.

Lord, help me relax more this week. I need to make a big pitcher of sweet iced tea, sit inside under the cool fan, and take this funny book I am presently trying to have time to read … and READ it. I need to allow myself down time. What’s my hurry? What’s my rush? What’s my reason for disallowing myself the rest time I need? I am just as ridiculous as our squirrel clan doing whatever it was they were doing today in all this heat. One or two did hide out in the cool under our shed. Now THEY had the right idea. It’s up to me … do I invade or retreat? Heaven help me … it’s time to retreat! Amen


giphy (1)



Chill out with this, “In the Cool, Cool of the Evening.”

Music by Hoagy Carmichael and Lyrics by Johnny Mercer  1951

Click on the link below … and enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Stop!”

  1. Jan, I read this and it wears me out. Your last line” it is time to retreat”‘ maybe it is not a case of retreating, retreating can be a momentary lull, tend the wounds, stop the pain. Then forgetting about how you felt, you go back to the battle. Thy surrendering instead, giving up doing as you think you are expected to do and do as you wish to do. When you feel yourself being pushed, pull back.😘💐❤️

    1. You should have seen those squirrels today … it was amazing … mesmerizing … kinda scary … I went out to hang up a towel and they almost climbed me like a tree !!

      Mel, sometimes my blogging gets to be an obsession … that and gardening … and just plain working around the house … I haven’t gone anywhere this summer … I need to get away … I need to STOP … but sometimes I just don’t know how … part of my manic side … I get so tired. Sorry to whine … jan

  2. We spray for those flying invaders … when I get mosquito bit it turns into a HUGE whelp. We spray or shrubbery humanely … it keeps the mosquitos from making nests on the leaves … doesn’t kill them … just sends them to the rest of the neighbors yards. : ) Spraying is the only way I can even go outdoors during the summer months !! Hallelujah for sprayers !! jan

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