In a word … Disastrous




He wandered into my mind; freeing up all the thoughts I’d had before or since; it was uncanny the ways in which he knew me inside and out.

For months only knowing part of his story, I longed to travel alongside him and see the world only he knew and the world he shared only with me.

Complications always enter the equation between men and women; timing always prevents exploration of what is and what could be.

Imagining a place where no one would or could or should care I come up empty; realistically there’s no spot in this world my feelings can be exposed; I’d come undone.

Left to wander my mind is set free; one and one will never make this twosome; enjoy the stories; travel alone; imagine how it might feel to be exposed … inside and out.







5 thoughts on “In a word … Disastrous”

  1. A lot of truth in this story … in another life maybe I will be so exposed … basis of writing it … a fellow blogger writes five sentence stories … this was an exercise in learning to be brief in my writing … as you know I am long-winded … see I cannot even comment without going into a long drawn out explanation. : )

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