Sweet Me!




I have always had a sweet tooth. Well, that sounds silly doesn’t it? It’s not my tooth that’s sweet … it’s what I put in my mouth that’s sweet! Pour chocolate over anything that’s edible and I’m in heaven; ice cream, cake, pies, cookies, candy, you name it!

I found this video that looks so much like me when I act, sing, or dance. I must have been on vaudeville in an earlier life, cause I have always hammed it up onstage like the lady singing here. Maybe it’s because I have so much sugar in me that I am kinda over-the-top when I perform. Oh, shoot, I am over-the-top in most everything I do! But, I do have a sort of charm … even if it is an acquired taste. As you watch this, think of me … and enjoy!














5 thoughts on “Sweet Me!”

  1. Ain’t it the truth !! Did you like the video, Mel ?? I’ve been watching it over and over before I posted this. I think my Mother handed down her love of performing to her girls. I remember Mother performing in a small town Follies … she sang and danced to Sweet Georgia Brown !! She was full of life, My Mother was. Thanks for joining in to celebrate chocolate !! Jan

  2. That is an awesome video. She is a ham but a beautiful wonderful ham! You ham it up, too?? I love to sing but I’ve never been able to do that in front of others.

  3. Oh yes … I’ve been performing since my twin sisters were 5 and I was 7. We sang at church, on the radio, and TV. My proud Daddy recorded us and sent the tape to Lawrence Welk. He was a proud Papa. I taught regular classroom for 19 years … the next 18 years I taught Drama to grades five and six. I wrote our plays … they were historical plays. We started with the Founding Fathers and one by one my plays eventually traced American History. I wrote six plays a year at the start … then paired it down to 3 plays a year. We had excellent productions, if I do say so myself. I taught in an amazing school district. My classroom was a black box theater. That is a large room … the size of at least two classrooms … tall ceilings, as we had a lighting grid above the center stage and a computerized light board. My students ran the lights, did their own props, changed their own scenery, made quick costume changes … all I did during the performance was to sit out in the audience like a proud Mama. Now … that all happened because we were so rehearsed the changing of scenery was like choreography. My students and I learned SO much !!!!! I do miss our productions and directing. I am glad for the blogging so that my writing skills are exercised daily. jan

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