Sweet Me!




I have always had a sweet tooth. Well, that sounds silly doesn’t it? It’s not my tooth that’s sweet … it’s what I put in my mouth that’s sweet! Pour chocolate over anything that’s edible and I’m in heaven; ice cream, cake, pies, cookies, candy, you name it!

I found this video that looks so much like me when I act, sing, or dance. I must have been on vaudeville in an earlier life, cause I have always hammed it up onstage like the lady singing here. Maybe it’s because I have so much sugar in me that I am kinda over-the-top when I perform. Oh, shoot, I am over-the-top in most everything I do! But, I do have a sort of charm … even if it is an acquired taste. As you watch this, think of me … and enjoy!














3 thoughts on “Sweet Me!”

  1. Ain’t it the truth !! Did you like the video, Mel ?? I’ve been watching it over and over before I posted this. I think my Mother handed down her love of performing to her girls. I remember Mother performing in a small town Follies … she sang and danced to Sweet Georgia Brown !! She was full of life, My Mother was. Thanks for joining in to celebrate chocolate !! Jan

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