Brevity, to be brief, is concise, abbreviated, condensed, crisp, pithy, and succinct; I am not brief; I do not have the gift of brevity; I am long-winded. Yes, almost every report card in elementary school the comment section stated, “Jan is too talkative.” I don’t remember being talkative; who would I have talked to? I don’t remember friends from school. I really don’t. What I remember about being a student was the teacher being in charge of all of us and our job was to be quiet and listen. So, it is a mystery to me. Yet, I am talkative and extroverted and dramatic and … ok … couldn’t have become that overnight … so maybe I was back then … just didn’t know it. 

My writing is lengthy; I don’t like to read other’s long posts; why would they like to read mine? It’s a fair question. Lord, I know You value brevity. When asked, You said Your name was I AM. You constantly remind me to be still and be quiet and know that YOU are God. Stillness and quietness are not qualities that stand out if anyone were to describe me. Yet, You would have me try to do just that; even though You created me as ultra-verbal and highly active. Dear Lord, You must get joy out of Your child, though, as we surely have had some lengthy conversations, haven’t we!

But … this summer … starting right now … I want to practice … try … attempt to be brief. I won’t attempt to keep a running total of my written words. But I will at least try to be aware of my goal to become adept at concise writing. We’ll see how it goes.

Dear Lord, I thank You for this day. I pray for sweet rest; blessed with health, my cup runneth over. Amen


A lovely hymn, Speak, Lord, in the Stillness


Speak, Lord, in the stillness,
While I wait on Thee;
Hushed my heart to listen,
In expectancy.


Speak, O blessed Master,
In this quiet hour;
Let me see Thy face, Lord,
Feel Thy touch of power.


For the words Thou speakest,
They are life indeed;
Living bread from heaven,
Now my spirit feed!


All to Thee is yielded,
I am not my own;
Blissful, glad surrender,
I am Thine alone.


Speak, Thy servant heareth,
Be not silent, Lord;
Waits my soul upon Thee
For the quickening word.


Fill me with the knowledge
Of Thy glorious will;
All Thine own good pleasure
In Thy child fulfill.


Like a watered garden,
Full of fragrance rare,
Lingering in Thy presence,
Let my life appear.



The following quote is by Joaquin Miller, from “The True Poet,” In Classic Shades, And Other Poems, 1890


God’s poet is silence!  His song is unspoken
And yet so profound, and so loud, and so far,
That it thrills you and fills you in measures unbroken—
The unceasing song of the first morning star…








2 thoughts on “Brevity”

    1. You’re right again, Mel. God talks with me intensely cause he knows I need to hear something not once, twice, not even three times … but over and over again. : )

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