Touch Me …

I’ve had it all, chiropractic readjusting, massage, hot stones, acupuncture, and now Craniosacral therapy. This latest is, I hope, where I’ll finally get some relief from my TMJ. I don’t have pain with this yet, however, my jaw pops very loudly when I chew, talk, and sing. Crainiosacral therapy is healing using a very light touch to balance the body’s craniosacral system which includes the bones, nerves, and fluids in and around the cranium and spinal area.

How did I get into alternative healing, I don’t know. I didn’t grow up knowing about any of this; my mother did go to a chiropractor when we were small; but that didn’t last long. I have learned that my body yearns for the touch of healing hands; they soothe me from the outside in. As a keyed up, high-strung individual, anything that can stop, calm, and soothe my mind, body, and soul, is a valuable gift.

Dear Lord, You wired me with an intensity hard to contain and nearly impossible to restrain. Tension shoots out from my fingers and toes, streaks from the top of my head down my neck, through my shoulders, and radiates down my spine into my right upper and lower back. I am never ever relaxed.

Only when tender healing hands hover over my body do I come close to release. Healers must be specially selected by You, Father. Knowledge of the body and its workings is one thing; listening to the body through gifted hands is another; transforming the body from dysfunction to improved systemic health through touch is a miracle. I can testify!

We are soothed before birth from the warmth of our mother’s body, the comforting gurgles and sloshes, and her movements that rock us. Afterwards, mother’s care continues, as she uses her hands to calm, protect, comfort, clean, and play. Touching is an important communicator in the early years; as we age, we get out of touch, unless we become mothers. As adults, we rarely are cared for in that way again, until our final years, when illness attacks.

Lord, thank you for the many hands that have soothed me from before birth; bless those who have chosen the healing profession that dismisses drugs, relying instead only on their God-given gifts and skills. Thank You for providing me health care from those who have learned from You, Lord, the true healer. Amen



Unlike much of orthodox medicine, alternative approaches to healing typically honor the wisdom and capability of the human body. Their goal is often to support and strengthen the powerful healing forces already at work within us. ~John Robbins


The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around…. Throughout history, “tender loving care” has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing. ~Larry Dossey


Matthew 8:3  International Children’s Bible
Jesus touched the man and said, “I want to heal you. Be healed!” And immediately the man was healed from his skin disease.


Jeremiah 17:14  Good News Translation
Lord, heal me and I will be completely well; rescue me and I will be perfectly safe. You are the one I praise!



He Touched Me

A gospel song written by Bill Gaither in 1963


Shackled by a heavy burden,
‘Neath a load of guilt and shame.


Then the hand of Jesus touched me,
And now I am no longer the same.


He touched me, Oh He touched me,
And oh the joy that floods my soul!


Something happened and now I know,
He touched me and made me whole.


Since I met this blessed Savior,
Since He cleansed and made me whole,


I will never cease to praise Him,
I’ll shout it while eternity rolls.


He touched me, Oh He touched me,
And oh the joy that floods my soul!


Something happened and now I know
He touched me and made me whole.








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