I spent most of the day working with my husband on our den/sunroom. We’ve had heavy bulky furniture in there for twenty years. It’s time for a change. We started with getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Salvation Army is so good to come out and get couches and such without you having to do the heavy lifting. Once gone, the clean-up began. Deep cleaning can only happen when a room is emptied. Walls, floors, windows, blinds, baseboards, all dusted, vacuumed, wiped, polished, not once, not twice, but several times; it’s now tidy in every detail, neat, clean, natty. Knowing the new furniture is coming in the morning, we decided to tackle the entertainment center. We have one of those large solid wood super heavy pieces of furniture that so many folks just had to have for their televisions. It is huge; weighs a ton, and fills up a room. My husband is so talented, he sawed the top cabinet off leaving the bottom section. Immediately the room became brighter. He took the top cabinet and put it in his shed for storage. The bottom part still has the moveable tray for the television; the cupboards below are good for storage; lighter and brighter, it’s ready for the new look. I’ve bought a wicker sofa and a matching glider … yes a glider. It was designed by Paula Deen, and it will change a heavy overstuffed couched room into a sunroom to uplift any day rain or shine.

We make a good working team. Pleased with our handiwork, we anticipate delivery in the morning.

Dear Lord, You are in the business of makeovers. Taking tired, overburdened, broken-down souls, You create a new creation. All Praise, Honor, and Glory are Yours, Lord. You have done for me what I could never do for myself. I am still a work in progress; I know that; but hand in hand please lead me forward; I long to become a lighter, brighter, renewed soul; Make me over; I put my trust in You. Amen


2 Corinthians 5:17  Living Bible 
When someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand new person inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun!


Ephesians 2:10  New International Version
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.


Isaiah 64:8  English Standard Version
But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.


2 Corinthians 6:18  English Standard Version
“And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”


Think positively about yourself…. ask God who made you to keep on remaking you. ~Norman Vincent Peale


This is one of my very favorite hymns.


Have Thine own way, Lord!
Author: Adelaide A. Pollard  1906

Music: George C. Stebbins  1907


Have Thine own way, Lord,
Have Thine own way;
Thou art the Potter,
I am the clay.
Mould me and make me
After Thy will,
While I am waiting,
Yielded and still.


Have Thine own way, Lord,
Have Thine own way;
Search me and try me,
Master, today.
Whiter than snow, Lord,
Wash me just now,
As in Thy presence
Humbly I bow.


Have Thine own way, Lord,
Have Thine own way;
Wounded and weary,
Help me, I pray.
Power, all power,
Surely is Thine,
Touch me and heal me,
Savior divine.


Have Thine own way, Lord,
Have Thine own way;
Hold o’er my being
Absolute sway.
Fill with Thy Spirit
Till all shall see
Christ only, always,
Living in me.




very neat and clean: stylish and tidy in every detail


2 thoughts on “Makeover”

  1. Jan, as with many of your other pieces this is well written. I thought as I read this, a partnership is when those who have found love for each other have now discovered they are friends. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Awww … my husband and I are friends … the best. Thank you again, Mel, for your kind words. I am so excited to see how our new room will look !!

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