Where In the World Are You … Greenville, SC, USA

I had a fellow blogger issue a challenge to her readers.

  • Share your location be as specific as you like.
  • Photos are a plus!
  • Add the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou



Here goes.

I am a Southern gal born and bred. I live in the great state of South Carolina. I was born in North Carolina, only because the nearest hospital was over the state line, and I was with my soon to be Mother, her doctor driving, my Daddy and Grandmother following in their car … trying to keep up with the doctor. They did make it to the hospital, thank goodness, neither Mother nor I would have appreciated delivery in a car on the side of a country road!

After birth I have resided in South Carolina with only a brief residence in North Carolina when my husband was transferred to Charlotte. I got in my car, though, and got a job teaching in South Carolina for those two and a half years. I needed to teach in South Carolina for two reasons: to stay in the South Carolina Retirement System, and my teaching certificate was for South Carolina, not North Carolina.

We live in Greenville, South Carolina, in what is called the Upstate. Greenville has been named one of the fastest growing cities in the country, but frankly, the natives wish everyone would just go home and let us be just us. That sounds harsh, but we are running out of space here. You used to be able to go anywhere and run into neighbors and friends and chat and catch up with the newest juicy tidbits about … well … everybody! Not so anymore!

My husband is a native of Greenville, and we live in the family home place which has housed his family since 1935; the house itself is over one hundred years old. We acquired it after his Mother passed in 1995. Handy-man that he is, this labor of love was accomplished with his own two hands, a vision of what was and what could be, and a mighty ‘Get R Done’ attitude! I am the decorator and gardener. We make a pretty good team! As our project progressed, we were up close and personal witnesses to the restoration and expansion of our city. It is an easy stroll downtown, and we honestly now live in a resort. 

As an actress in all the local theaters, I in my twenties, and other local thespians started many of these theaters and brought drama, tragedy, and musical comedy to the area. Theater buffs loved our productions; result … we ended up with a state-of-the-art theater in the heart of our city.

In retirement, my husband and I are still actively maintaining our home and the ‘yarden’ as my husband lovingly calls my garden. Our home is so inviting and welcoming, it is hard to travel anywhere that compares with our own personal Bed and Breakfast.

After reading what I’ve written, I know with certainty that I am blessed beyond measure. Yes, we have what we have because of lots of hard back-breaking work in the house and in the garden. But we truly enjoy every inch of our home and garden space. We truly live outside most of the day; both of us are driven; never do we seem to run out of new projects; we do occasionally rest on the front porch swing, or sit on the back stone patio with our bird families.

It’s a good life we have been granted; yes, we have our struggles; family illnesses and responsibilities tax our energies and pull on our heart-strings; but we know counting our blessings far outweighs any crosses we have and will bear.

My Dear Lord, I thank You for the many opportunities and gifts we have been given in this life. You know our battles; You know our limits; You know our weaknesses; together we walk hand in hand with You, our Heavenly Father; with You in the center, Your children on either side, we have laughed, giggled, skipped, walked, cried, sobbed, talked, pondered, listened, and hopefully learned much from You; Bless You, Dear Lord, and thank you will never be enough for this life we’ve been given. Amen



Jeremiah 29:11  International Children’s Bible
I say this because I know what I have planned for you,” says the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.



Psalm 37:4  God’s Word Translation 
Be happy with the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.



This is a hymn with which I was not familiar; it is lovely.



Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth

Text: Carolyn Hamilton Klopfer  1936
Music: W. Herbert Klopfer   1936


Home can be a heav’n on earth
When we are filled with love,
Bringing happiness and joy,
Rich blessings from above–
Warmth and kindness, charity,
Safety and security–
Making home a part of heaven,
Where we want to be.


Drawing fam’ly near each week,
We’ll keep love burning bright.
Serving Him with cheerful hearts,
We’ll grow in truth and light.
Parents teach and lead the way,
Children honor and obey,
Reaching for our home in heaven,
Where we want to stay.


Praying daily in our home,
We’ll feel His love divine;
Searching scriptures faithfully,
We’ll nourish heart and mind.
Singing hymns of thanks, we’ll say,
“Father, help us find the way
Leading to our home in heaven,
Where we long to stay.”







a soft thick undyed leather from the skins of e.g. buffalo or oxen
polish and make shiny
an ardent follower and admirer
strike, beat repeatedly

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