We’re Home …


It’s Mother’s Day, my how this day has changed over my lifetime. The downtown area was filled with families carrying, dragging, or chasing little ones into or out of restaurants, art booths, or from between adult legs. There was an arts festival going on today, active demonstrations of art of all kinds were there to entertain and educate. A carnival atmosphere on a bright sunny Sunday in May couldn’t have been more perfect. Or could it?

I am getting ready to show my age. Mother’s Day used to be the day ladies wore their hats, best dresses, and a lovely corsage, a flower or spray of flowers given by her children or husband and worn proudly all day. Mothers weren’t the only ones with flowers. Early on carnations were given at church services. Red signified your mother was living, white signified you mother had passed. The day was a day to visit with Mothers and Grandmothers. The place of visitation was not a restaurant or festival; it was in the home with family and friends. Yes, it was not much of a treat for the Mother or the Grandmother, as they were the ones who prepared the meal and blessed their family with warm hospitality.  But such was life and living then. Families were close; meals were shared; traditions were honored; we had roots.

Today at church, I did see a young mother wearing a corsage; happily, more dresses were worn; however, I spied not a single hat, glove, or patent leather purse. Where were the before church pictures made of Mother looking so lovely? Do Father’s these days take the time to record the loveliness of their bride who became the mother of his precious babes? I wonder.

Family can mean any collection or group of people who have close loving relationships. It used to mean more; or did it. Dear Lord, I think of Adam and Eve and their sons. As recorded, it was not a family steeped in love and trust. Eve may not fit the picture of loving wife; she deceived Adam. One son took the life of the other, the first scene of domestic violence. Not a promising start, not a family to emulate. Yet somehow, Dear Lord, You found the good in some, the best in others. You took the worst of the bad and used their weakness to teach forgiveness; You recreated them, reclaimed their lives for Your Glory and Honor.

Dear Lord, help me not to judge others by my own parameters of what could or should be done. Just because things are not the way they used to be shouldn’t mean they are wrong or less than. Help keep my eyes open, my ears attentive, and my thoughts to myself. 

Thank You, on this day, that Mothers, no women everywhere, have within them the compassion, tenderness, and love needed so badly by others; whether those others are from their own wombs or not, You provide what women need when they need it. Bless You for all the gifts You gave the fairer sex. Thank You for the many women who teach us all what being a mother really is all about-selfless devotion. Amen



A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan


Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders wherever your children do. ~Author Unknown


There is an instinct in a woman to love most her own child — and an instinct to make any child who needs her love, her own. ~Robert Brault


The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
~William Goldsmith Brown


Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together. ~Pearl S. Buck


No painter’s brush, nor poet’s pen
In justice to her fame
Has ever reached half high enough
To write a mother’s name.
~Author Unknown


I miss thee, my Mother! Thy image is still
The deepest impressed on my heart.
~Eliza Cook



A lovely hymn, Others

Author: Charles D. Meigs 1902


Lord, let me live from day-to-day,
In such a self-forgetful way,
That even when I kneel to pray,
My pray’r shall be for Others.


Others, Lord, yes, Others,
Let this my motto be;
Help me to live for Others,
That I may live like Thee.


Help me in all the work I do
To ever be sincere and true,
And know that all I’d do for you
Must needs be done for Others [Refrain]


Let “Self” be crucified and slain
And buried deep, nor rise again
And may all efforts be in vain,
Unless they be for Others. [Refrain]


So when my work on earth is done,
And my new work in heav’n’s begun,
May I forget the crown I’ve won,
While thinking still of Others. [Refrain]









the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers

One thought on “We’re Home …”

  1. Beautiful Jan, this was well written and I see that you put your heart into it, thank you. Sometimes we do forget to fully honor those who’ve given life to us.

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