Repozzzz …

Rhythmic-occurring regularly-the sand ripples at the ocean’s edge make it hard to walk; raised patterns fight against the balls, heels, and arches of my feet. Those same patterns appear as clouds in the sky; Air patterns, the culprit, create rippled sand and cloud formations; the Grand Strand’s rhythmic tidal patterns, an effect of the rotation of our moon; waves move, oceans roar.

Rhythmic-occurring regularly-breathing in and breathing out. When I think about this involuntary pattern, inhalation and exhalation cease and I am consumed. It takes moments and or distractions for me to get back to a normal rate.

Rhythmic-occurring regularly-daylight and nighttime marked by increments measuring the amount or lack of light. Dawn and twilight both represent a very small amount of the sun’s rays illuminating the Earth. It is these two periods that provide a period of preparation before the start of day, and reflection at the end of the day-both periods as important, dare I say more important, than the day itself!

Rhythmic-occurring regularly-the cycle of the seasons; Spring’s preparation for life; Summer’s growth; Autumn’s harvest completes the growth period allowing a spectacular show of color; a last rite of passage covering winter life with warmth and protection-a respite for life awaiting Spring.

Rhythmic-occurring regularly-announcers on television give blow-by-blow accounts of the action on the field; voice inflections alternate; tension mounts and ebbs; audibly, the crowd’s reactions echo the commentary coming from microphones gripped in anticipation.

Rhythmic-occurring regularly-Fall’s games begin, daylight into twilight; air patterns determining whether weather will influence play; eyes struggle to stay open; brainwaves join the ups and downs, cheers and laments; breathing slows in repozzzzzzzz!


One thought on “Repozzzz …”

  1. Wish my nightly repose would be a little longer ! Tired of waking up 2-4 am almost every night !!

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    Cell & Text: (864) 270-1108

    “Celebrating 40 years in Greenville Real Estate”

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