New Habits … Different Results


For the past two weeks I have played Pickleball on Tuesdays and Thursdays from two to four in the afternoon. Before, I would play if I could-no priority there, huh! I love to play; it makes me feel happy to really hit that ball in the court; no need to make a point, just not losing one is enough for me! Sweaty, hair plastered to my head, smiles and laughter erupting, as well as an occasional, “YES!”, I learn more about the game whether I’m playing or watching as I rest. I am bounding with new energy from this game I’ve just discovered in my sixtieth year!

I found what I thought was a crock pot at Mother’s and Daddy’s house; I go to Hartsville monthly to clean house and clean out. We are trying to sell the estate and I’m the housekeeper inside and out. The crock pot is rectangular and more attractive than the one I used to have. I tried it out last week and made the most delicious beef stew! Since then I have tried several new recipes. I am cooking more; using fresh ingredients, spices, vegetables, and lean meats; my repertoire has increased dramatically; it is such fun to find new recipes, try them out, and have deelicious results! I’ve always loved to cook, but it tends to keep me near the kitchen, constantly listening for the timer, and frequently stirring or checking that pots are not boiling over. What a delightful discovery-that crock pot! Would that I had learned how to cook using a crock pot in my working years! Oh, well, better now than never!

New habits bring new results; my husband and I are eating out less; fresh home-made meals are healthier and lower in calories; playing Pickleball for exercise is not exercise at all; it’s playing!

I have wanted to lose weight forEVER! I LOVE to cook; I LOVE to eat; so … I’m a good 15 pounds overweight. Result-I am ECSTATIC! I have lost 4.5 pounds in the last two weeks! Hallelujah!!   

Dear Lord, You provided roots, stems, seeds, fruits, grains, and healthy proteins; You did not provide us with fast food restaurants! You gave us two legs, two arms, muscles, and brain power to work but also to play; play is joyous; play quiets the mind’s distractions and worries; play taxes muscles, infusing them with life-giving oxygen; children laugh and play; adults forget; I forget; work is not play; play is playful; play is fun; play connects hearts to hearts, no matter who won!

Thank You, Dear Lord, for my recent lessons in life and living! I hope to make these new changes healthy and TOTALLY fun habits! Thank You, Dear Lord, for my friend Brenda that introduced me to Pickleball. She knows how to set a fire under me; it always turns out fun! Thank You, Lord, that amid the work, sweat, and tears accompanying the upkeep and care of Mother and Daddy’s worldly possessions, I found a new culinary ‘toy’ to play with in the kitchen!

May I continue to learn new habits; may I grow in awareness of Your plans and provisions meant to strengthen and sustain! May I reap results that teach me more than words in a self-help book! May I see what You have provided and follow Your healthy plan for living that most definitely includes play!

Thank You, Lord, for knowing that a Father feeds his young, but a good Daddy also knows that playing with his children keeps them close to his heart forever!

Thank You, Daddy, Papa mine. I love that You love watching me play!   Amen


And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. Genesis 1:29  Eastern Standard Version

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.  Genesis 9:3  Eastern Standard Version

Shout your praises to God, everybody!
Let loose and sing! Strike up the band!  Psalm 98:4  The Message



We Plough the Fields and Scatter

Words: Matthias Claudius 1782  Translated from German to English 1861

Tune: Wir Pflugen by Johann A.P. Schulz

We plow the fields, and scatter
the good seed on the land,
but it is fed and watered
by God’s almighty hand;
He sends the snow in winter,
the warmth to swell the grain,
the breezes and the sunshine,
and soft refreshing rain.
All good gifts around us
are sent from heaven above,
then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord
for all His love.

He only is the Maker
of all things near and far;
He paints the wayside flower,
He lights the evening star;
the winds and waves obey Him,
by Him the birds are fed;
much more to us, His children,
He gives our daily bread. Refrain

We thank thee, then, O Father,
for all things bright and good,
the seed time and the harvest,
our life, our health, and food;
no gifts have we to offer,
for all Thy love imparts,
and, what Thou most desirest,
our humble, thankful hearts. Refrain





2 thoughts on “New Habits … Different Results”

  1. Love mine too ! Veggie soup with a little meat. Choice ground beef pattie , browned in pan ,cut into small pieces . Throw in crock pot with diced tomatoes veggies herbs etc

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