Whisperssssssssssss !


Whispersssss of snow in the air, in my thoughts, in my hopes, in my imagination! The conditions are right, says our weatherman-yes we have weatherwomen, too! Cold Arctic air rushing in from the north and moisture filled air currents moving in from the Gulf of Mexico, make for the perfect snow recipe.

That reminds me of that yellow mixing bowl, perched outside ready to be filled with God’s remarkable snowflakes! Mother in her green and cream kerchief tied snuggly around her head, carefully treaded out to retrieve the bowl of soon to be snowcream. We three watched with enthusiasm as she got the big metal spoon that hung from a curved metal bar from which hung every utensil Mother needed in the kitchen-except her yellow-handled cutting knife. Sugar, vanilla, and milk joined the snowflakes to create snowcream-our favorite winter treat!

Soon, we would be outside ourselves, bundled into our warmest outfits. Mother and Daddy would help us build what always turned out to be the strangest snowman and some years snowwoman ever created!

I remember the snowcream-making vividly, and the memories of building snowmen or women enhanced by the pictures made in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I only know those memories have and always will be a part of me-forever!

Today, and in many years past, the snow is not edible for the contaminants in the air that cause harm to those who dare make snowcream. The children and children’s children for many decades do not have these fond memories of snow. How sad! Thank you, Dear Lord, that I lived in a simpler time, a safer time, a more protected time, a less complicated time, a time where time indeed-stopped! A time when the joys of childhood were experienced through days and weeks and months and years that seemed to stretch into infinity! A time where watching snow fill a yellow mixing bowl occupied the three of us for what seemed like an eternity! A time when each snowflake that fell in all it’s uniqueness mesmerized our three sets of awestruck eyes-as we heard joyfilled whisperssssssss!

I anticipate the now promised snow! The child that was me, and still is part of me, waits and watches and wishes for that yellow mixing bowl, that big metal spoon, Mother in her green and cream kerchief, and the three of us-smiling-wide eyed together, together into eternity!


From the breath of God ice is made, and the expanse of waters is frozen.  Job 37:10

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there without watering the earth, and making it bear and sprout, and furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater; So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”  Isaiah 55:10-11


This is a hymn I did not know. The words are very poetic, and rightfully so, as Samuel is the brother of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

‘Tis Winter Now, the Fallen Snow

Author: Samuel Longfellow, brother of the poet, born in Maine, June 18,1819. He graduated in 1839 in Arts, and in 1846 in Theology.

1 ‘Tis winter now; the fallen snow
has left the heavens all coldly clear;
through leafless boughs the sharp winds blow,
and all the earth lies dead and drear.

2 And yet God’s love is not withdrawn;
His life within the keen air breathes;
His beauty paints the crimson dawn,
and clothes each branch with glittering wreaths.

3 And though abroad the sharp winds blow,
and skies are chill, and frosts are keen,
home closer draws her circle now,
and warmer glows her light within.

4 O God, you give the winter’s cold,
as well as summer’s joyous rays,
You warmly in Your love enfold,
and keep us through life’s wintry days.



One thought on “Whisperssssssssssss !”

  1. Love this post ! My little girls are so excited about the snow . Hope they are not dissapointed!

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